RAW WILD™ – Raw Dog Food

 Our name says it all. It’s what we feed our dogs.

Raw Wild dog food

Why RAW WILD™ – Raw Dog Food?  Because people today are thinking about what they eat, driven by a growing recognition that their very health and vitality comes from the food they consume. 

Of course, the same concern applies to dogs.  What’s in that kibble?  What are farmed animals fed? How does genetically modified food affect my dog?  What is the best source of high-quality protein?  

The answer is two simple words:  RAW.  WILD.  

For growing numbers of discriminating dog owners, raw dog food is simply a given. It is widely available in pet stores.  Millions of dogs today enjoy the benefits of raw food harvested from a wide variety of animals raised on farms and ranches around the world.

Wild Raw Dog Food, on the other hand, is not widely available.  It is scarce and rare.  It is precious.  There will never be enough for mass distribution.  In 2017, there is only enough for 1000 dogs in the world.  

We started RAW WILD™ – Raw Dog Food to give a limited number of dog owners an exciting new choice:  A raw dog food made with the meat of wild elk and deer who have lived their entire lives foraging in the natural wilderness of the Rocky Mountains of the western United States.  

Real.  Pure.  Wild.  Raw.™   It’s what we feed our dogs.  Join us.


RAW WILD™ – Raw Dog Food. Straight from the wilderness of the Rocky Mountains. Limited to 1000 dogs worldwide in 2017. Place your order today.